EL Pescadero:
dreamy and beautiful.

Minutes away from Todos Los Santos, a small but vibrant coastal community awaits for the modern traveler. Arts, culture, gastronomy and the most beautiful sigh in the Peninsula, El Pescadero has it all.

A gastronomic

In this green paradise, you will find local organic vegetables direct from the farm to the table and fresh fish direct from the Pacific Ocean. Many of the best restaurants in the now famous Baja Sur landscape are here, waiting for you.

Sierra de las Lagunas: the least explored side of Baja Sur

East of El Pescadero, this mountain range is a designated biosphere reserve by the Unesco. Its amazing views and distinctive flora and fauna makes an all time favorite destination for hikers and exploration.

  1. You have been longing for a place like this

    Our villas are for the modern traveler: an independent explorer searching for authentic experiences. Find your inspiration in their eco-inspired design and experience freedom in the contact with nature.

  2. Share experiences with traveling spirits like you

    Hidden by a grove of Palo Blanco trees, the Guest House awaits you.

    With a spacious living area and a common dinner, this dreamy hall is a great place to know strangers.

    The fully equipped kitchen, full with fresh and local products, is ideal to power up before your next adventure at El Perdido.

  3. Be Amazed by the wonder of the vast night sky

    Have a sensorial and spiritual experience at El Perdido.
    Every corner has a surprise that will make you fall in love.

  4. El perdido offers you a unique natural experience.

    Everything is open so you can look within.
    There are no limits between your space and the magnificence of Pescadero region.

    Connect with everything that surrounds you as your life in El Perdido unfolds.  

  5. Feel the calm in a Natural space

    You will remember how to breathe. Everything in El Perdido is designed to give you overwhelming experiences to reconnect with what you hold most important in your life. Trust us, this is a place to get lost and then get found.

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