The Diary of el Perdido: Cooking for the soul

El Perdido - Cooking for the soul

The Diary of lost

September 16, 2020. - Pescadero, Baja California Sur, MX.

Cooking for the soul

If there's a good place to lose yourself besides Pescadero, that is in the kitchen, a Mexican one.

Photo: Perdido's friend
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If I could give people one piece of advice, that would be Try Mexican food.
After arriving here in Baja, I remember being guided by the smells of seafood and spices; Mexicans really know how to show you the beauty of life through food and you will know their temperament through it, fresh, spicy, tasty and there is always a surprise.

If you visit Pescadero I recommend you Baja tacos and carnitas Machin, in both the salsas are the best!

I became very close with the locals who know how to make these very traditional Mexican recipes and I believe that food is the best way to connect with this incredible country.

Soon I will introduce you to one of the best chefs here in Baja, he is Mexican and knows exactly how to make you feel in heaven only through the taste.

Greetings from the owner of El Sombrero.