The Diary of el Perdido: Reborn, everyday.

El Perdido - Reborn, everyday.

The Diary of lost

November 04, 2020. - Pescadero, Baja California Sur, MX.

Reborn, everyday.

We're always going to have good days and bad days, the good thing is that we always can start over the next morning.

Photo: Carla Virgilio
23°2 "15 1" n 110° 10´0 6"0

It's been a rough couple of months for everyone. For me, this pandemic brought a lot of alone and insightful time to think about what is really important. Just before everything went south, I used to spent my days working hard and worrying about getting everything in place for everyone. I kept forgetting about my friends & my family because you know, some of us had some good excuses when it comes to caring for each other.

Of course this pandemic made me realize how wrong I was, and not only about connecting with others, but with myself. I felt so neglected. So I started to pay attention to what I wanted, I started listening to my body and to my mind. I started a whole new routine full of self awareness and no regrets. I felt reborn.

The sun comes up and so are you -El Perdido

I truly believe we have a new beginning every single time the sun comes up, so let's meet here in Baja to forget the stress, get lost & find ourselves.